Hog Roast Eastburn: Bringing The Festival To You

For thousands of people, festival season is the highlight they look forward to every year! It’s a time where they can completely let loose and reinvent themselves by channelling their inner boho spirit while rocking out to some amazing tunes in a field full of other like-minded souls. This year, however, things have been quite different and festival season has been and gone without even the hint of a glittered face or boldly patterned co-ord.

Hog Roast EastburnBut while many have resigned themselves to the idea that their festival gear will have to stay in the wardrobe until next year, others have embraced the growing private festival trend – and Amy was one of them!

The idea of bringing the music festival vibe right to her front door was too tempting to pass up, and once the plan had taken hold, she started plotting immediately. After curating the ultimate playlist and tracking down some canvas bell tents, fairy lights and inflatable wildlife, she got straight on the phone to Hog Roast Eastburn to sort out the food. After all, the largest queue at any festival is always the one leading to the hog roast!

Our team were more than happy to help out, and keeping in theme with the type of event Amy was going for, our Hog Roast Eastburn catering manager recommended our southern slow roast menu. Amy loved this idea, and with the booking finalised, she spread the good news among her 30 guests.

When Hog Roast Eastburn arrived at the client’s home, the team were immediately greeted by a cardboard archway which welcomed them to Amy’s private festival, beyond which were the tents and other decorations. Setting straight to work, the catering crew spent the next few hours cooking an irresistible feast which consisted of BBQ pork butt, Texan 24 hour beef brisket, cajun spiced whole roast chicken with sides of mixed salad, loaded fries, Memphis style crunchy coleslaw and corn cobettes.

Live versions of the group’s favourite songs were played using a projector screen as the guests danced the night away, and in-between ‘sets’ they queued up for another tasty serving from Hog Roast Eastburn!