Plated Starters for Weddings – Hog Roast Shipley

Plated starters are part of Hog Roast Shipley’s wedding menu 4. The couple can choose from four options that will be served to the table by waiting staff. The options are as followed:

  1. Fresh, homemade soup. Hog Roast Shipley always asks the customer what soup they wish to have to ensure a personalised experience. The most popular options are fresh carrot and coriander soup or cream of tomato soup. If the customer chooses a meat option such as chicken, then a vegetarian option is discussed which is either a vegetarian-friendly soup or other options such as a warm vegetable tart or homemade quiche. The homemade soup is particularly chosen for autumn and winter weddings as it warms the guests up in the cold. The soup is always presented with a crusty roll and butter for the guests to enjoy.
  2. Hog Roast ShipleySmoked salmon. Hog Roast Shipley’s favourite starter since it is super fresh and always goes down a treat! A bed of curly endive and fresh lettuce is first plated before a spoonful of fresh prawns and avocado mix. The salad and prawns are then topped with swirls of smoked salmon with a drizzle of mustard and dill dressing. The last wedding Hog Roast Shipley did, the couple asked for guacamole rather than the plain avocado and also asked for a splash of fresh lemon juice rather than the mustard and dill dressing. We can personalise your experience to what you want.
  3. Parma Ham. This Parma ham starter is a popular choice. A bed of salad is first plated with an added sprinkling of walnuts for texture and crunch. Then warm, herbed new potatoes are served with the Parma ham placed in swirls over the top. A fresh and sweet apricot dressing is then drizzled over the top for some punch.
  4. Salad Niçoise. A super salad, especially for summer weddings. It consists of a medley of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, olives, warm new potatoes and tuna with a drizzle of vinaigrette.

Whichever one takes your fancy; it will be made fresh and with love giving a super tasty first course for your guests.