Hog Roast Market Weighton – Thankful For Our Customers’ Response To Our Full Return

We no doubt don’t need to tell you just how difficult the last year has been for us since all of us have been in the same nightmarish situation together. However we cannot understate just how thankful we are to see a glowing customer response upon our full return to proper event catering. Seriously, it has been incredible from all of you!

Hog Roast Market WeightonThis is of course the precise thing we love doing here at Hog Roast Market Weighton – serving you all in numbers. Without the opportunity to do that for much of last year and the first half of this year we felt a little lost, but did what we could to keep getting on by. That came in many forms, and we were grateful enough for what little we could to keep serving in limited capacities, but of course nothing beats the proper thing. Since coming back to normal proceedings the last few months have been a complete whirlwind for all of us here at Hog Roast Market Weighton, and we are quite simply blown away by the response.

Perhaps this time away to remind ourselves of our passion has been what was needed to come back even better than ever before, because the customer testimonials and kind comments that you have all been sending about our services have been nothing short of incredible. It has been great to get going again with all that we love in catering, and that is only fuelled more so when our customers come back to us with glowing reviews. On many of our recent social media posts you have come out to give effusive praise for past events we have catered to, and our email inboxes are blowing up with customer testimonials.

We’ve certainly been very busy so we’re sure many of you have been going strong on the recommendations to friends and family, but even just that nice reviews are plenty good enough for us! You keep us going each and every day, and from all at Hog Roast Market Weighton we could not be more thankful for the support!