Give Your Guests A Feast Fit For A King By Doing Your Own Coronation Celebration Hog Roast!

Hog Roast HawesIf you run a restaurant, café, pub, hotel or any other establishment that serves food and you are planning something special to commemorate the King’s coronation in May, why not have a go at doing your own hog roast? A sociable feast that goes a long way, a hog roast is a fun, interactive and cost-effective outdoor catering option that all your customers will love. Hog roasts work so well for any number of diners, from a large crowd in a beer garden or at a street party, to a smaller gathering of specially invited guests.

To mark an event as momentous as the coronation of a new monarch, you need to put on a good show, as well as provide a great outdoor dining experience for your guests. Doing your own hog roast will enable you to achieve both of these things, especially if you hire a cutting-edge hog roaster from the UK’s leading hog roast catering equipment experts. Here at Hog Roast Hawes, we supply market beating hog roast machines for commercial and private clients, and we have a range of models available for hire.

Hog Roast HawesWe can equip you with a hog roast machine for your event that will give the food and atmosphere at your establishment the wow factor. As the nation comes together to celebrate  the new king being crowned, your guests will also be sharing a convivial atmosphere and some great hot food that has been cooked right there in front of them. If you are using one of our hog roasters, you will be able to prepare a large volume of meat in one go – enough to feed a hungry crowd with plenty left for seconds. If you would like to prepare different dishes or vegetarian options for example, we can supply you with a hog roaster that has multifunctional attachments and uses too. This means you can cook an entire meal featuring varied dishes using just one piece of versatile outdoor catering equipment.

If you are interested in hiring a Hog Roast Hawes machine for your coronation event, please get in touch with us here at Hog Roast Hawes to find out more about our flexible hire packages.